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Jason Adasiewicz
Loose Assembly: Empathetic Parts
Loose Assembly: Empathetic Parts (2010)
..with Roscoe Mitchell.
"A cross-generational summit meeting between one of the organization's key founders and its newest heir..." - AAJ
Loose Assembly: Speed of Change
Loose Assembly: Speed of Change (2008)
The much-anticipated follow-up to Last Year's Ghost.
"A compelling album filled with myriad moods..." - All About Jazz
Rolldown (2008)
140g vinyl LP alternate version
Loose Assembly: Last Year's Ghost
Loose Assembly: Last Year's Ghost (2007)
with Greg Ward, Jason Adasiewicz, Tomeka Reid and Josh Abrams.
"A brilliant debut..." - All About Jazz
"...a well-designed collection of hook-filled tunes and atmospheric interludes..." - Point of Departure
Rolldown (2008)
Document Chicago #14 Adasiewicz's 482 debut as a leader "...immediately brings Blue Note-era Jackie McLean and Eric Dolphy to mind..." - Bagatellen "...a promising debut." - Downbeat
The Soul and Gone
The Soul and Gone (2005)
With Jason Adasiewicz, Jeb Bishop, Jason Mears, Jeff Parker and Jason Roebke
"...clearly a brilliant new composer... one of the most interesting recordings in some time." - All About Jazz - NY
Arrive (2005)
482 mainstay Aram Shelton's long-awaited debut as a leader.
"...will surprise and delight those who might normally avoid such unconventional and nonconformist music." - All About Jazz
New Jazz and Improvisation
New Jazz and Improvisation (2003)
"...a refreshing and essential listen for anyone interested in a sound that could only come from one city." - All About Jazz
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