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Meisha is one of the finest undiscovered acts in the post/avant-rock genre, building slowly evolving, shimmering melodies with simple instruments. The music is beautiful, albeit with some dissonant interruptions, and stands up to many listenings. Well worth a listen.

Meisha are Ken Camden, Pete Spynda, and Michael Tamburo. Previous recordings have been released by Gingkoba, Priapus Records and the Music Fellowship. Beyond the avant-rock proceedings of Meisha, the band members are active in film, photography, painting, multi-media live performance, electronica and yet another band, the Arco Flute Foundation.

The First Lessons in New Era Time...
The First Lessons in New Era Time... (2001)
lovely strains of near-trance-like folk wanderings... moments of cave-like ambient/electronic/guitar exploration... soft voltage flows careening off the walls in blue-light arcs...
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