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Meisha: The First Lessons in New Era Time...
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The First Lessons in New Era Time...
year: 2001   |   cat#: 482-1005


1. The News Descending a Stair Case
2. Inducing the Patio Flamboyancy Exam (stereo electronic)
3. Prescription Sunglasses for the Third Eye
4. My, What a Marvelous Floorboard It Goes Quite Well with that Dress
5. Everytime You See Me You Look Through My Records
6. It's Pretty Spacey, It's Death Ambient
7. We Will Not Name This Song "Soul Shocking Beef Crunch"
8. A Celebration of Life
9. The Symbol Song (Lead into Gold is Only Half the Truth)
10. Transferring Mass Through the Portals of Time
11. Guitar Parts the Water

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The First Lessons in New Era Time: The Universal Orchestra of Pituitary Knowledge Sing Om to the Disturbed Onlookers, Who were Meisha and Robin Anyway?

Musicians: Ken Camden, Pete Spynda, Michael Tamburo

"The music begins so softly, so subtly that it sneaks up on you like a hesitant lover; filled with passion and ready to burst, hands shaking with barely suppressed energy, the anticipation so sweet it's almost deadly." — Charlie Quaker

"...this release will conclude Meisha phase 1 of recorded material. recorded at the same time as returns / forever... triumph has never felt like this before.." — Mass Transfer

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