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The Exciting Trio
Glenn Astarita
The trio’s moniker does not allude to any sort of fast-paced type of excitement that one might surmise. It’s a gradual process. On this cleverly enacted outing, the drums-bass-guitar augmentation is enhanced with electronics. Meanwhile, drummer David Pavkovic uses a melodica as a tool for generating quaint contrasts to the generally, surging motifs and loose interplay. The band pursues a modernist like approach, complete with ostinato-based patterns, a fair amount of compositional deconstruction and brisk unison lines. They delve into free jazz, and free form space jams, featuring dissonant chord voicings and softly executed, cosmic meltdowns.

The musicians’ explorations become weighted down a bit towards the second half of the program, partly due to sequences of rampant tinkering. But, at the end of the day, the artists infuse wit, and creativity into the progressive jazz/improvisation idiom.

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