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Exciting Trio: In Chicago There is Willy
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In Chicago There is Willy
year: 2004   |   cat#: 482-1023


1. Bow: M
2. Remembering Tokyo / The Last Alaskan
3. At a Place
4. Scannurz
5. Nine Years
6. You've Got a Moustache and Everything
7. Gramps on the Corner
8. Nine Years Reprise
9. Lutrell

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Document Chicago #6:  In Windy City fashion, The Exciting Trio blur the lines between jazz-improv and indie rock. Drummer David Pavkovic (Toe, Tricolor) bassist Griffin Rodriguez (Bablicon, HiM) with guitarist Matt Schneider.

Musicians: David Pavkovic (drums), Griffin Rodriguez (bass), Matt Schneider (guitar)

"No, The Exciting Trio isn't a typical guitar group. On the trio's debut recording, In Chicago There is Willy, the band tends toward dry melodicism, gentle pacing and cool abstraction, touching equally on jazz and post-rock, while lining their music with bits of electronic sound...this CD is a promising start for a young band." — Aaron Steinberg, JazzTimes

"The band pursues a modernist like approach, complete with ostinato-based patterns, a fair amount of compositional deconstruction and brisk unison lines. They delve into free jazz, and free form space jams, featuring dissonant chord voicings and softly executed, cosmic meltdowns." —

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