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Tom Abbs & Frequency Response
Frequency Response is Oscar Noriega, Alex Harding, Jean Cook, Okkyung Lee, Chad Taylor and Tom Abbs The Animated Adventures of Knox, a DVD and soundtrack.
The Animated Adventures of Knox
The Animated Adventures of Knox (2006)
"An emotional portrait in sound and images" : A movie by Tom Abbs, M.P. Landis and Michael Sanzone. Based on the narrative and video graphic score by Tom Abbs.

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"Tom Abbs is one of the more formidable bassists and composers to emerge from the downtown scene in the recent past." — Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

"...a force of nature on the bass and tuba." — Time Out-New York

"...a virtual mountain of polyrhythmic bedrock." — One Final Note

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The Animated Adventures of Knox

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