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Joelle Leandre / Mark Nauseef
Joëlle Léandre is an award-winning instrumentalist who not only collaborates with the best creative improvisers playing today, but also regularly world premieres works by new music composers like John Cage and actively composes and premieres her own diverse music on a world stage. Like Léandre, Mark Nauseef has performed in a vast range of musical environments, from 70’s arena rock bands to a number of different ethnic performance styles including Javanese gamelan, Balinese gamelan, and Ghanaian drumming and dance, appearing on more than 60 recordings.
Evident (2004)
Joelle Leandre - contrabass and voice / Mark Nauseef - percussion "There is enough in the endless array of sounds to make you want to pause and let silence reign for a moment while you digest the abstract beauty you've just heard " - Cadence
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