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Herculaneum was formed in 2002, and features veteran members of the Chicago jazz, improvised music, and experimental rock communities. The three-horn front line includes trombonist Nick Broste, trumpeter Patrick Newbery, and saxophonist David McDonnell. All three active participants in the Chicago improvised music community, Broste has performed with Jim Baker, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Dave Rempis and recorded with the likes of Archer Prewitt, Chris Mills and has currently, with Newbery, recorded with Wilco and spent time touring with Head of Femur. Equally busy alto saxophonist David McDonnell completes the triumvirate. McDonnell currently plays in the heavy psych duo Michael Columbia with percussionist Dylan Ryan, also of Icy Demons and Orso. Ryan and bassist Greg Danek take the role of rhythm section.
Orange Blossom
Orange Blossom (2006)
Document Chicago #12
"...blazingly original..." - All About Jazz

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"...a great find... orderly and inventive pieces, not blowing vehicles but real compositions for the payers to explore. ...full of moments...where you can hear the history and the novelty in the music." — Philip McNally, Cadence

"What began as an opportunity for drummer-composer Dylan Ryan to explore his love of Beefheartian convulsion has developed into something much more sophisticated and accessible. The band\'s trombone/trumpet/alto sax front line paints lush chordal sketches remniscent of classical composer Oliver Messiaen and Miles Davis collaborator Gil Evans, while the piano-less rhythm section provides roiling support worthy of John Zorn\'s Masada." — Ben Taylor, Time Out Chicago

"Drummer Dylan Ryan and bassist Greg Danek carve out loose, loping grooves and are flexible enough to turn on a dime or drop in sudden accents...Trombonist Nick Broste and Trumpeter Patrick Newbery (both regular collaborators with Head of Femur) along with saxophonist David McDonnell (who plays with Ryan in the arty electronic duo Michael Columbia), blend precise execution with relaxed phrasing, and thier melodically rich improvisations move freely over the rhythms like they\'re bouncing on a trampoline." — Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

"...Herculaneum sounds like a jazz-rock horn section that wandered far off the pop music reservation. The ensemble play is agile, with the horns executing tricky passages that veer from 20th century art music to cartoon soundtracks; from bebop to the big top. Yet these sharp stylistic turns never seem merely willful attempts to throw the listener off-balance." — David DuPont, One Final Note

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