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Colorlist - Charles Gorzcynski and Charles Rumback - has its roots in an unlikely place. "We met randomly at a call center we were working at," Rumback recalls. "It was a telephone interviewing service for lots of different companies. We might be interviewing someone to be a garage door repairman or someone to work at PetSmart. It was a pretty terrible job." The two did not immediately form a band. Instead, they swapped records, sharing mutual enthusiasms and soaking up each other's tastes in minimalism, free-jazz, noise, hip-hop … you name it. "We started playing these drum and sax duets and eventually it evolved into Colorlist." As his partner concludes, they have highly compatible synapses that make for plenty of spontaneous verve on the bandstand, in the moment. “He pushes me towards unexpected split second decisions,” Gorzcynski says, “so he becomes just as responsible for the harmony as I am. It's like the motion and harmony is coming from some intuitive connection in the moment that I can't really put my finger on, every time we play it's like this, and it's why I love playing this music.”
A Square White Lie
A Square White Lie (2010)
A kaleidoscopic flux of sounds, ideas and influences in an organic wash
"...treat and repeat themselves in amazingly inventive ways..." - Dusted
"This week's best albums" - Alarm Press

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"Colorlist is a duo consisting of Horse's Ha drummer Charles Rumback and saxophonist Charles Gorczynski, who use electronics to treat and repeat themselves in amazingly inventive ways; both times I've seen them I thought they had been playing for 15 minutes but it was actually 45, which implies that they're bending time somehow, and they sound to me how Miles Davis would sound if he had halted work on "In A Silent Way" to score Bladerunner with Vangelis. Of course, that would never normally happen but remember...they can bend time." — The Horse's Ha, as quoted in Dusted

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