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Copper Press review
Christian Carey
You might think you have a pretty good idea of what "drum and bass" duets ought to sound like: Think again! Evident, a 2002 concert recording of bassist Joëlle Léandre and percussionist Mark Nauseef, redefines the sounds and roles of these instruments, eschewing their traditional banishment to the rhythm section of the band. Here, drum and bass are front and center in an engaging series of improvisations.

Léandre's bass playing often seems bound for the stratosphere - she indulges in glassy harmonics and mezzo-soprano melodies way up on the fretboard. Particularly striking are her imitations of whale song, which share an uncanny resemblance to the real thing. Nauseef stresses textural playing over articulating a regular pulse. The result is a series of colorful interjections and phrasal punctuations. Is the music on Evident unconventional? Yes - unconventionally lovely.

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