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Rapid Croche
Bill Shoemaker
Just as OkkaDisk was the label of record for Chicago's '90's new breed, 482 Music is taking the lead in documenting an even newer wave rippling through Chicago's creative music scene. Leading a well-balanced trio with alto saxophonist / clarinetist Aram Shelton and drummer Tim Daisy, bassist Jason Roebke's Rapid Croche may prove to be one of the label's defining titles. While there are occasional shadows of 70's-vintage Braxton and Threadgill in his writing, each of the bassist's eight compositions are brimming with intriguing phrase shapes that play to the strengths of his cohorts and himself. Shelton can float or rasp on alto, while emphasizing an inviting tone and lyricism on clarinet. There is a flinty quality in the way Daisy and Roebke spool out a groove or flesh out an ensemble. And, there is a budding authority in how Roebke holds sway in a solo with a rich sound and solid ideas.
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