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Other Stories
The Wire
Brian Morton

Cornettist with the current Anthony Braxton group, Bynum also emerges as a formidable composer with these sharply contrasting multiparters. "Supo Eno" sounds rigorous and through-composed, with a lot of emphasis on Joseph Daley's tuba and the leader's mournful, full-voiced horn. "The First Three Lives of Stuart Hornsley" is tiny by comparison, three miniatures for cornet, strings (largely played pizz) and guitar. Written for Leigh Dana Jackson's film, it has a quiet, almost classical deportment that perfectly underscores Bynum's Miles-tinged cornet. "Spider Monkey Stories" starts with the leader out on his own but gradually reveals a jazzier side than the other two pieces, with passages of heavy ostinato and, on "Chuck", a drum solo and heavy guitar part. Beautiful music and challenging throughout.

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