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Natto Quartet: Headlands
New Music Box

Typical of the fostering environment within the Bay Area's improvised music scene, all four members of the Natto Quartet, especially Chris Brown and Tim Perkis, are frequent collaborators, often performing improvised music in various configurations with each other or alongside other musicians and performing artists. This amount of familiarity between players allows for high-level interaction and exploration, which proves essential when combining such unique and diverse instrumental forces. Laptopper Tim Perkis always seems to use the right sound at the right time. His sonic palette is rooted in electronic music's pre-sampler past, favoring retro bleeps and sweeps that concurrently contrast and reinforce the other players' timbres and choices. Also tinkling the keyboard, albeit the ivory type, Brown's sensitive yet energetic bursts create a compelling buzz. Philip Gelb proves that there are more than 1001 ways to play the shakuhachi. Equally adept, Shoko Hikage extracts a flood of sound from her koto. RN

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