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Natto Quartet: Headlands
Michael G. Nastos

A fusion of older traditional music and modern jazz, the Natto Quartet not only express a singular vision of this amalgam, they execute it to dizzying heights. In fact they offer a perfectly blended mix of creative jazz improvisation, Japanese Koto and live electronics, no small feat. The sound is so arresting and unique, that the open minded listener cannot help but be completely drawn into their weave of sonic wonder. Careful construction and deep listening skills are used, along with unquestioned advanced musicianship. What is even more remarkable is the unpredictable texture of the music, sometimes reflective and somber, most times jagged, mathematically wild, geometrically angular, responsive to sheer whimsy and even sci-fi fantasy. It's a truly new music unlike anything I've ever heard, a strong candidate for best avant project of 2003, and sure to turn many a global thinking, progressive minded ear inside out.

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