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"Since moving here from Chicago where he played with Fred Anderson & the Chicago Underground, drum wiz Chad Taylor has worked with many of Downtown's best musicians, like Marc Ribot (in Spiritual Unity & Sunship), Matana Roberts, Cooper-Moore (Triptych Myth & Digital Primitives), Jemeel Moondoc and lots more. For Chad's debut as a leader, he has put together a fine trio with the great Angelica Sanchez on piano and the wonderful Chris Lightcap on bass. Both are leaders as well and both have contributed songs to this session. Chris' "Box Step" opens with a most memorable theme, followed by a fine bass solo developed from the opening melody, Angelica's piano solo is elegant as well. Chris also wrote "Specifica" which has quick, somewhat twisted yet complex bass line that pushes Angelica to into a more highly charged and intense area and thus an amazing piano solo. "Rock" is a fine, laid back ballad with an exquisite solo from Angelica who also wrote this gem and brings to song to a grand conclusion. I dig the way Chad's drum solo extends the melody of the song on "Traipse", as well as the way Chad's drums are central to each piece without ever taking over or playing too hard. Chad wrote all five songs on the second half of this disc and each one is strong and quite different. From the subtle, calm and suspense-filled "Opal" to the two directions at once quirkiness of "Level". In many ways this is not your typical jazz piano trio since they play no standards, consistently change directions and move in unexpected ways. Just when you think you have a handle on what they do, they are off and confounding all expectations. Another gem from the fine folks at 482 Music." — Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
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