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Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up: Actionspeak
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year: 2010   |   cat#: 482-1071


1. The Hunt - mp3 sample
2. Should I Do
3. Folly Cove
4. The Throes
5. Questions - mp3 sample
6. Opal
7. Soundtrack to Romance - mp3 sample

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Actionspeak is drummer / composer Tomas Fujiwara's debut as a leader. The Hook Up is a two-year old quintet featuring Mary Halvorson, Brian Settles, Jonathan Finlayson and Danton Boller. Featured here are seven Fujiwara originals influenced by such diverse inspirations as Wayne Shorter, Talib Kweli, AZ, Haruki Murakami, and Meshell Ndegeocello.

An "accomplished debut," wrote Nate Chinen in the The New York Times, "its aesthetic points toward Wayne Shorter, particularly his writing for the Miles Davis Quintet of the 1960s: sleek, enigmatic post-bop, more suggestive than demonstrative. "

Musicians: Danton Boller (bass), Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet), Tomas Fujiwara (drums), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Brian Settles (tenor saxophone)

"The drummer has named his latest band appropriately. Ensembles can go anywhere if the intra-group chemistry is cooking, and throughout the new Actionspeak, Fujiwara sounds like he's got his mates on speed dial: they're instantly there whenever he needs 'em, offering clusters of sound that span from squawky celebration to reflective prayer. That's especially true with bassist Danton Boller, who emboldens every thrust the drummer makes and reminds listeners that connections are paramount on the jazz bandstand." — Jim Macnie, The Village Voice

"...Fujiwara's compositional subtlety brims with lyric detail and supple imagination, revealing an artist whose urbane writing is equal to his impressively nuanced drumming." — Troy Collins, Point of Departure

"A shrewdly uncategorizable statement: too elegant and meticulous for 'outside'; too thorny and restless for 'inside.' Instead, just really good." — Hank Shteamer, Dark Forces Swing

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