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Greg Burk: The Way In
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The Way In
year: 2006   |   cat#: 482-1048


1. Paper Piano
2. Ballad for Gold
3. Look to the Asteroid
4. Ballad for Sand
5. Walking the Earth
6. Wu-wei Out
7. Serenity's Distant Dawn
8. Ballad for Water
9. What is This Key In?
10. Big Bird

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Greg Burk, solo piano.

Burk's fourth release in as many years further documents his trademark synergy of freedom and structure. The all-original program features reinterpretations of previously composed works, organically developed free improvisations and explorations of the non-traditional sound potential of the piano.

"Burk's seemingly paradoxical ability to sound both considered and unfettered is a marvel," wrote Senior Editor John Kelman of 2005's Nothing, Knowing, featuring Steve Swallow and Bob Moses. Other critics agreed, writing "Burk puts a collage of ideas into each piece" (Jim Santella, Cadence), "he mixes idioms with the finesse of someone decades older" (Bill Shoemaker,, and "Technically, Burk is a complete pianist, and he's intellectually curious enough to exploit the instrument's total sound-making capacity" (Chris Kelsey, JazzTimes).

Musicians: Greg Burk (piano)

"Top 10 2006 (Solo Discs)" — David Adler, JJA

"Recommended New Release" — All About Jazz New York

"This is an excellent solo piano offering" — Downtown Music Gallery

"Chances are taken from the start with \"Paper Piano\", where the rasp and rustle of amended strings provide not only a Cage-like melodic percussion but also a virtual second voice for a duet... Burk is more astringent romantic than dour scientist, and moments of Spanish fire and affectionate chinoiserie lighten the air of instant research." — Randal McIlroy, Coda

"This is truly imaginative keyboard exploration, powerful and probing yet rich and inviting as well." — Donald Elfman, All About Jazz-New York

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