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Conference Call: Live at the Outpost
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Live at the Outpost
year: 2006   |   cat#: 482-1045


1. 29 Shoes
2. Liquid Cage
3. Circle Dance
4. Mala Dr'ôle
5. As I Wait

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" the fall of 2003 George Schuller was not available to tour with the group and we were forced to find a replacement. Gerry Hemingway's name was at the top of our list and we were extremely fortunate to enlist him for this 2003 tour of the USA and Canada. As luck would have it, the last concert of the tour was our performance at the Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque. NM. And, Stephen Schmidt just happened to bring his recording equipment and asked us if he could record the show. This CD is the musical result of that evening in Albuquerque in November 2003. I hope you enjoy the music."
-Michael Jefry Stevens

Musicians: Gebhard Ullmann (soprano & tenor saxophones, bass clarinet), Michael Jefry Stevens (piano), Joe Fonda (bass), Gerry Hemingway (drums)

"Top Ten 2006" — Steven Loewy, Cadence

"Conference Call sounds like a band with one foot firmly in the Paris / Chicago axis of the late-60s BYG avant-garde sound and another keeping up to date with the tuneful, exploratory freedom of Wayne Shorter’s recent celebrated quartet. Ask yourself this: is there anything about that equation that doesn’t sound like a good thing?" — Daniel Spicer, One Final Note

"Recorded live at the Albuquerque\'s Outpost Performance Space at the end of a 2003 tour, this album reflects a band steeped in the history of small group jazz, while dedicated to exploring fresh possibilities. The soloists are uniformly excellent, and the group dynamic is of the highest caliber. If you have any doubts at all that jazz is still a vital, evolving form, this should dispel them." — Chris Kelsey, JazzTimes

"As on their previous releases, the group adroitly balances elements of traditional and avant jazz, swinging and skronking with equal fluency." — Christian Carey, Signal to Noise

"... the quartet skillfully negotiates longish, complex melodic elements mixed in free jazz-like settings.... the music\'s groove swings hard, which should come as no surprise thanks to the presence of Fonda and Hemingway - both are able to straddle the fence between a funky groove and the avant-garde in a joyous manner ...solid modern jazz, without pretending to be anything else." — Bruce Carnevale, Coda

"...a kick butt record from start to finish...a compelling live performance..." — Linda Yohn, Listen Here! radio

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