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Document Chicago: New Jazz and Improvisation
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New Jazz and Improvisation
year: 2003   |   cat#: 482-1015


1. Clean
2. Last Night
3. Fleet
4. Remembering Tokyo, the Last Alaskan
5. Through an Open Window
6. UPD
7. Hannibul
8. It's Enough
9. Trying Not to Stand Still
10. The Cocktail Party Effect
11. Black Shoe
12. Incidentally
13. California Fingers

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"Top 10 Recordings of 2003" - Howard Mandel (Downbeat, Jazziz, NPR)

"...a refreshing and essential listen for anyone interested in a sound that could only come from one city." - All About Jazz

Document Chicago: New Jazz and Improvisation is a compilation that celebrates the new generation of musicians working in the diverse Chicago improvised music scene, as well as the forthcoming Document Chicago Series that will record them.  Document Chicago features 13 original tracks by young musicians working in the Chicago tradition, but building their own sounds with new influences like electronic music and modern rock.

Track listing:

1. The Pavkovic Band - Clean
Jason Adasiewicz: vibraphone; Jonathan Doyle: clarinet; Diana Parmeter: cello; David Pavkovic, drums
Recorded live at the Jazz Record Mart, May, 2002

2. Dragons 1976 - Last Night
Aram Shelton: alto saxophone; Jason Ajemian: bass; Tim Daisy: drums
Recorded at D's Loft by D. Bayne, June, 2002

3. Triage - Fleet
Dave Rempis: alto saxophone; Tim Daisy: drums; Jason Ajemian: bass
Recorded live at the Empty Bottle, June 11, 2002

4. The Exciting Trio - Remembering Tokyo, the Last Alaskan
Griffin Rodriguez: bass, electronics; Matt Schneider: guitar; David Pavkovic: drums
Recorded at Truckstop Audio and Rax Trax, 2002

5. Jason Adasiewicz / Jon Doyle - [5 Minutes from] Through an Open Window
Jon Doyle: baritone sax, tenor sax, clarinet, melodica; Jason Adasiewicz: drums, vibraphone, bass, glockenspiel, organ

6. Phil Mosberg / Eric Roth Duo - UPD
Phil Mosberg: guitar; Eric Roth: drums
Recorded at WNUR, October 20, 2001

7. Sticks and Stones - Hannibul
Matana Roberts: alto sax; Josh Abrams: bass; Chad Taylor: drums
Recorded at bel_air by Todd Carter

8. Jason Roebke's Rapid Croche - It's Enough
Aram Shelton: alto saxophone; Jason Roebke: double bass; Tim Daisy: drums
Recorded at 3030, April 18, 2002

9. Design Flaw - Trying Not to Stand Still
Jon Doyle: B flat clarinet; Frank Rosaly: drums; Brian Dibblee: double bass
Recorded at Shevits Studio December 12, 2001

10. The Treehouse Project - The Cocktail Party Effect
Colin Bunn: guitar; Ken Champion: pedal steel; Jonathan Doyle: tenor saxophone; Nate Walcott: trumpet; Michael Reed: drums; Matt Thompson: bass
Recorded at Argyle Studios, April 2001

11. Grey Ghost - Black Shoe
Aram Shelton: alto saxophone, loops; Johnathan Crawford: drums, Kawai SX-240
Recorded by Ben Klebba at his loft

12. Bauder / Parker / Ajemian - Incidentally
Matt Bauder: tenor saxophone; Jeff Parker: guitar; Jason Ajemian: bass
Recorded at the Candlestick Maker August 23, 2002

13. Bauder / Ramsdell / Bryerton - California Fingers
Matt Bauder: tenor saxophone; Alec Ramsdell, piano; Jerome Bryerton, percussion

Musicians: Josh Abrams (bass), Jason Adasiewicz (drums, vibraphone, bass, glockenspiel, organ), Jason Ajemian (bass), Matt Bauder (tenor saxophone), Jerome Bryerton (percussion), Colin Bunn (guitar), Ken Champion (pedal steel), Johnathan Crawford (drums, Kawai SX-240), Tim Daisy (drums), Brian Dibblee (bass), Jonathan Doyle (clarinet, baritone sax, tenor sax, melodica), Phil Mosberg (guitar), Jeff Parker (guitar), Diana Parmeter (cello), David Pavkovic (drums), Alec Ramsdell (piano), Mike Reed (drums), Dave Rempis (alto saxophone), Matana Roberts (alto sax), Griffin Rodriguez (bass, electronics), Jason Roebke (bass), Frank Rosaly (drums), Eric Roth (drums), Matt Schneider (guitar), Aram Shelton (alto saxophone, loops), Chad Taylor (drums), Matt Thompson (bass), Nate Walcott (trumpet)

"The results are often exhilirating, with barely a weak moment and a real sense of discovery evident on many of these tracks. Short of spending some time there and haunting the clubs, there’s no better way to find out what’s happening in Chicago than by spending some time with Document Chicago." — IAJRC Journal

"... filled with great music... captures a moment in time, one of those brief musical blossomings where musicians are bound together not just by proximity but by an enthusiasm to learn and to invent... there\'s another generation lined up in the second city ready to keep the music alive." — Squid's Ear

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