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year: 2002   |   cat#: 482-1014


1. to express unhappiness about something
2. a lack of systematic arrangement
3. a state of uncontrolled activity
4. a feeling of amazement and fear coupled with a feeling of insignificance
5. to make thoughts and feelings known to others
6. the process of separating somebody from others
7. feelings of doubt about your own worth and abilities
8. a difficult situation that will provide information about somebody
9. to try very hard to deal with a challenge
10. a state of mental calm and serenity, with no anxiety
11. the quality of being modest or respectful

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"The songs flow freely from track to track without fully stopping. One melody drifts into the forefront as the former subsides, moving into another chapter. Several of the tracks are bridged by atmospheric sounds like waves crashing against the shore, the chirping of small frogs or heavy rainfall and thunderclaps unhurried and yet deeply powerful recording. It is difficult to pick an individual song or sound by which to categorize this band. Several of the tracks will begin with a particular melody and instrumentation, and sound entirely different by the beginning of the next. Almost every song contains multiple, contrasting melodies..."to others" begins, for example, with lush electric chords, but melts down to an acoustic strum and more subdued vocal in under two minutes, reflecting an inner calm returning to the narrator. That acoustic melody is followed by the sound of echoing tides, which introduce a short, tranquil instrumental.. The album draws from a variety of styles, and yet the production joins it together perfectly." -Northern Express

Musicians: Todd Bauer (flugelhorn), Mike Chiaburu (bass), Jay Friend (electric guitar), Takashi Iio (acoustic bass), Adam James (drums), Robert Mervak (organ, piano, synth), Jason Smith (bass), John Woodruff (vocals, guitars, bass)

"You need to get this CD." — Rambles

"High points: All. Low points: None.
It's time for a new band to claim the title of best band around now, and Audima could well be it." — MJA reviews

"Definition is hard to define, but a definite music trip to take." — Altar Native

"Words to live by." — Splendid eZine

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