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Tomas Fujiwara
After All Is Said
After All Is Said (2015)
The long-awaited third release from the Hook Up
"so much diversity and depth..." - NYC Jazz Record
" of the most accessible, challenging and inventive recordings of recent vintage." - All About Jazz
"...among the more prominent representatives of new directions in jazz." - AAJ
The Air is Different
The Air is Different (2012)
Second release by this highly-acclaimed quintet
"...utterly enchanting.." - The Village Voice
"adventurous new music making use of the powerful talents of its players and composition versed in form.." - New York City Jazz Record
Actionspeak (2010)
with Mary Halvorson, Brian Settles, Danton Boller and Jonathan Finlayson
An "accomplished debut" - The New York Times
"...a band to keep an ear on." - All About Jazz NY
True Events
True Events (2007)
Longtime collaborators in duets "...packed with episode and intense detail." - The Wire "a scintillating album... crackling with improvisational energy." - New York Times
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