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Orange Blossom
Downtown Music Gallery review
Bruce Gallanter
HERCULANEUM - Orange Blossom (482 Music 1051; USA) Featuring Patrick Newberry on trumpet, Nick Broste on trombone, David McDonnell on alto sax & clarinet, Greg Danek on bass and Dylan Ryan on drums, vibes, piano & all compositions. This is yet another strong promo that we received here at DMG from a fine Chicago quintet, none of whose names are familiar to me. Drummer led bands are relatively rare, this one is especially strong. "Bears of Illium" opens with a unique syncopated structure. The drums are in the center of this odd, slightly twisted piece with three tight horns interlocking around the rhythm. "Let There Be Neon" starts with a complex, swirling drum solo, which continues to weave intricately throughout the piece as an inspired trumpet solo erupts. "Fuzball in Valhalla" is a tasty laid back piece with the vibes and horns playing some elegant harmonies with a the exquisite, restrained guitar of their guest John Beard. I dig the way "Girl, We Couldn't Get Much Higher", is slow yet has a few different inter-locking parts. As the bass-line repeats, the drums play around the central theme, the horns playing their intricate parts. Whenever one of the horns solos, the other horns must play well written parts tightly underneath. Consistently solid throughout. A most impressive debut from a swell new quintet. - BLG
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