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Bruce Gallanter
This is the third fine offering from Dave Rempis' Percussion Quartet and it was recorded live at The Hunter-Gatherer in Columbia, South Carolina in April of 2006. It is another completely improvised affair with three long and three shorter pieces. You should recognize the names of Rempis, Tim Daisy and Frank Rosaly from their work with Chicago groups like the Vandermark 5 and Mandarin Movie. You might even know of Anton Hatwich from a disc reviewed here by Paul Hartsaw or his work with Scott Rosenberg. All four men are Chicago-based. "A Night at the Ranch Part One" blasts open with some raging tenor and powerful rhythm-team work. Both drummers sound great together, swirling percussive waves and get into a great double drum groove in the middle of this piece, then slowly mellowing down to a fine simmer. Rempis' warm toned bari sax opens "The Bus and the Canyon", which starts slowly and spaciously and then builds in intensity with some feisty bari sax before it winds down again with more spirited bowed bass and drifting percussion. Disc 2 starts with "More Green than Giraffe," which begins with a swirling percussion and strong, Trane-toned tenor sax, eventually getting into a great, sort of funky groove. Dave takes a long and joyous solo, working just right with the web of percussion spinning underneath. You can tell that these cats enjoy playing together, since there is a great vibe of focused communication that inspires the crowd egg them on even higher. Their creativity and joyous energy is infectious and had me smiling and jumping around in my chair. Yet another strong concoction from Chicago's finest. - BLG
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