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Roulette record release show
New York City Jazz Record

Celebrating the release of Ängsudden Song Cycle (482
Music) at Roulette (Oct. 13th), multi-reedist Mike
McGinnis could barely be seen during the concert’s
first half. He was up in the balcony playing “Ängsudden
Abstracts” for solo soprano saxophone while dancer
Davalois Fearon performed onstage below. In a way,
McGinnis danced as well: the intense reverberant
sound of his horn changed as he paced the floor,
moving closer and farther, setting the scene for the
octet showcase of the second half. The stage was strewn
with dry leaves and branches - an autumnal flourish,
perhaps a nod to the Swedish locale of Ängsudden, the
subject of a series of paintings and poems by McGinnis’
collaborator MuKha. Her projections appeared
onscreen above the band; her stark black-and-white
tapestries hung down from the balcony; her words
were sung with warmth and precision by vocalist
Kyoko Kitamura. There’s no shortage of ‘chamber jazz’
today, but McGinnis brought forth an ensemble sound
all his own, playing clarinet and bass clarinet and
blending beautifully with Sara Schoenbeck’s bassoon,
pinpoint vibraphone of drummer Harris Eisenstadt,
pliant viola of Jason Kao Hwang and deep-toned bass
of Dan Fabricatore. Sean Moran’s nylon-string guitar
and Khabu Doug Young’s cavaquinho were paired
brilliantly, not least on “You Are Morning”, a ray of
Brazilian-tinged sunshine and pure melodic inspiration
that ought to be remembered many years from now.
- David R. Adler

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