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Angsudden Song Cycle
New York City Jazz Record
Oct 1, 2013

Ängsudden Song Cycle is a poetically driven artistic
statement. McGinnis uses poetry and paintings from
artist MuKha to inspire a clarinet-centered, stringbased
song cycle, portraying nature through achingly
beautiful arrangements.

Guitarist Sean Moran, violist Jason Kao Hwang
and Khabu Doug Young on cavaquino are a rich blend
of strings that intermingle with McGinnis’ gorgeous
timbre. Fabricatore’s bass combines with Sara
Schoenbeck’s bassoon for an equally rich bottom. The
music and poetry meld into a cohesive structure as
vocalist Kyoko Kitamura’s phrasing, diction and
timbre could not be more perfectly suited to the
opulent surroundings. Harris Eisenstadt adds color
with percussion and vibraphone to these otherwise
umber tones, which range from the catchy jazz/pop of
“You are Morning” to the Spanish-infused tenderness
of “We ate the Wood” and mysticism of “You were with
me Inside the Wind”.

McGinnis is confidently behind the steering wheel, maturely
navigating through disparate climes on his way to
turning his music into art.

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