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Roscoe Mitchell / Mike Reed: In Pursuit of Magic
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In Pursuit of Magic
year: 2014   |   cat#: 482-1088


1. Constellations Over Denmark
2. Light Can Bend

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Mike Reed and Roscoe Mitchell reunite for two masterful extended improv pieces, recorded live at Constellation Chicago

Musicians: Roscoe Mitchell (reeds), Mike Reed (drums, percussion)

"A meeting of an avant-guard legend and a few decades younger disciple, one of the most active animators of the modern jazz scene in Chicago - ain't that a definitive prove of art's continuity? The recording catches two masterful magicians in the act... just follow them as they show you the amazing new worlds and all its wonders. A definitive recommendation." — Jazz Alchemist

" extraordinary duo no matter what way you hear or see what they are doing. I do believe in magic and this is it." — Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

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